Split w. Death Mercedes

by Burning Bright

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released April 20, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Swan Sound Studio by Guillaume Doussaud. January 2012.

Artwork and layout by Julien Henri.




Burning Bright Caen, France

Nailed melodies with passion.

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Track Name: With the wave
" I'll never bend ", that lonely boy said over his brother's grave, without a single tear, without a single chill, saying : " I'll never bend, nevermind the loss, nevermind the weight, memories and regrets. " But even the tallest of mountains erodes with time. That boy who said he'd never cry, filled up a lake. That boy who said he'd never break, I'm afraid he lied. I'm afraid I lied. Oh dear my soul, aren't you tired ? Of witnessing all this mess ? And all these castles made out of sand, reaching for the sun, disappearing with the wave. A fall named life : tell me where I'll land. If I live long enough, I'll die alone. All alone.
Track Name: Eraser
And time goes on in the blink of an eye, so don't waste your time with the waste of yesterday, cause we're dancing with seasons. Look ahead, you see, the road is clear. Cause we're all like organic cameras, we develop from our negatives. Search deeply in yourself and you will find. The stairs are inside me but i'm afraid you don't have the key. There is a door craved in my flesh just like everybody I guess. The exit lies in me. Have you ever thought, " life is like a book " ? With the feeling that someone else wrote down chapters in line. Now tear up the pages cause it's never too late. Tear up those pages and this is where we'll all start to rewrite.
Track Name: Milestones
I've packed up my things and waved at my friends. All these love songs I hear, they’re obviously about her. Though I loved my place, years became four winters, and in the coldest days, as walls, her arms are warmer. Her letters sleep in my pocket, milestones to when we last met. Her words started to fade, but I don't care, cause tonight I'll read them again in her eyes, those storytellers. I couldn't care less of everything else. Her letters sleep in my pocket, milestones to when we last met. Her letters started to fade. Milestones.
Track Name: The well
They stole the passion that fueled us, stored it deep in the well that our country has become, buried, cold, hollow. We're filling it with the blood of our dreams undone. We're filling it, sooner or later it will overflow. Storm new Bastille. And you'll hear the cries of the homeless, the hanging ropes, below the rooftop. A rope for everyone, but I'll use mine to climb up the well. I will climb up the well til I see light again.
Track Name: 5th of November
Remember, remember, dreams do not bleed. I've witnessed first the power of ideas. when some are working on pushing you down, some are looking for a rising, and some for a path to a peaceful agony. Remember, remember, ideas are bulletproof. Gunpowder and matches will pave the road to a better world. Bite the feeding hand, feast with the wolves tonight. In a world of burning streets, in these graveyards we call cities. With all these insecure nights, to survive is to daydream. The fire in our heart is about to spread. Revive passion, revive the light, revive pride and take over the streets. We'll find a way to set us free. We'll find our way home.
Track Name: Unbound
Be nobody, go nowhere. Be the sparkling eyes of a child, go with the peaceful mind of the old man, so your skies will be free of clouds. Be nobody, go nowhere. Be the cries of the mourning daughter, go with the breathe of the dying father, so your departure will cause no pain. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail ? Be a stone in the sea so you can sink but you can't break, and you'll find in the depths what the skies don't want to share. Moonsets always left me like a taste of awakening. There's no need for light when one's realm lies inside. I'll soon be crowned king of the unbound.